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    ExcelAsia’s training curriculum has been developed over the years by our principals who have direct experience in the contact center industry. This curriculum is often revisited, revised, and customized to adhere to our client's training requirements. 

    There are 2 main elements that make up our Call Center training content, which are then divided into further categories and training modules. 

    The 2 main elements are: 

    I. Basic Communication and Comprehension Skills (10 modules) - This training enhances the candidate's ability to speak and understand Basic English and encourages them to practice the language at all times. 

    II. Customer Service 101 (15 modules) - This training is an effective way of enabling the candidate to understand the value of Customer Service. It helps them prepare for their role as Customer Service Representatives through actual simulation techniques and role-play scenarios. 

    For further inquiries, contact: 

    Annie Trillo