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    Recruiting and finding you the right "fit" is our business. Over 3000 call center and back office representatives are now working for our clients. These applicants were recruited through various channels, trained the ExcelAsia way, and successfully deployed. 

    We take pride in being certified preferred partners by our multinational clients based on our record for providing qualified applicants. One reason we have developed such a strong track record is that we also train prospective employees to prepare them for working with our clients’ international customers. That means our clients will have employees fit and ready to provide them with top-notch work output. 

    And we go even further. ExcelAsia will customize its recruitment and qualification processes to reflect our client’s unique requirements. 

    ExcelAsia also specializes in training near-hires, prospective candidates that have many of the skills required to qualify for a job, but need to refine those skills. This means that when we recruit for our clients, we’re not just tapping into the qualified labor pool. ExcelAsia makes that labor pool bigger with excellent employees. All our recruitment programs integrate seamlessly with our clients’ specialized hiring processes. 

    For further inquiries, contact: 

    Annie Trillo