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  • ExcelAsia Retains 80% Hit Rate among Near-Hires

    May 05, 2009

    Training program aims to improve low hiring rates in the industry

    (Manila, Philippines, May 5, 2009) – Although the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is expected to grow 20-30% this year, hiring rates remain low, according to the latest survey conducted by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) and Outsource2Philippines (O2P). Thirty-four percent of BPO companies surveyed hired 5% or less of total applications received, and an equal percentage hired 5-10% of total applicants. 

    ExcelAsia is actively addressing this gap as it trains around 1,500 – 2000 near-hires a month to prepare them for a call center job. Since 2005, the company has consistently maintained its 80% hit rate among its students classified as near-hires—those who lack necessary call center skills to successfully gain employment in the BPO industry.

    This performance allowed ExcelAsia to be affiliated with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). TESDA provides ExcelAsia with training vouchers that allow the latter to conduct its call center trainings entirely free.

    According to ExcelAsia Vice President Annie Trillo, ExcelAsia’s brand of training and recruitment allows it to effectively develop applicant skills. “During training, students are evaluated to address areas of improvement within the training period and not just at the end of their training,” Trillo said.

    ”We profile our trainees for specific clients and groom them during training to enhance the strengths that are needed for the client’s accounts,” she added.

    Among those who have benefited from their free call center training program is Noel Saylago. He finished ExcelAsia’s free call center training program in February. From being a laptop and gadgets salesman, he was hired in March as a customer service representative for an international BPO company.

    “ExcelAsia definitely changed my life. I used to think that I can never be a part of the call center industry until I enrolled in their training program,” Saylago said. “Aside from call center skills, I also learned through ExcelAsia that there is no shortcut for everything. Sometimes we have to take some risks and explore in order to learn,” Saylago added.

    ExcelAsia promotes career possibilities and growth to its applicants. Christian Tolentino used to be a water-refilling station attendant before he trained under ExcelAsia’s free call center training program. He finished his training in February 2008 and upon completion, Tolentino was immediately accepted as a customer services associate in a global BPO company. 

    Tolentino stayed for six months and moved on to further his career as a technical support representative in another call center company where he is presently working. His impressive performance allowed Tolentino to be regularized in just four months. 

    “ExcelAsia’s training greatly enhanced my communication skills, built my confidence, and taught me how to be professional. It also taught me the importance of having the right work attitude and the value of perseverance,” Tolentino shared. “I used to think that no company would accept me since I was not able to get a degree. I've been turned down six or seven times before I came to train with ExcelAsia. After training with them, I was accepted right away.” he said.